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The questions below are regarding different aspects of tanning, including how to maximize how long your tanning will last, how to make it more enjoyable, and safety practices to insure a great experience. When someone needs tanning in Omaha, the information below is to educate and inform clients, so they can use the best methods when receiving their tanning sessions. If you are ever in doubt, please always feel free to ask one of our courteous and knowledgeable tanning professionals.
  • A: Bronzers are dyes that changes the color of your skin instantly. Some people love them and others hate them, but for many,  it gives them that great
  • A: The tanning process actually continues for a period of time after a tanning session. Taking a shower will remove the things from your skin and slow down
  • A: No not at California Bronze! We allow one tan per day but you don’t have to wait exactly 24 hours to come back to visit us! Also, always feel free
  • A: Yes, it is Nebraska state law that you have to wear your eyewear. Even if it wasn’t state law you certainly want to protect your eyes from UV
  • A: Using a stand-up tanning unit will help with evening out your spray tan like underneath your arms and sides. It also helps with those pesky pressure
  • A: Absolutely no, our bodies PH balance is what turns us orange (not the self-tanner or spray tan itself.) With our custom airbrushes we use a 3 step
  • A:Yes, using a tanning lotion is an essential part of the tanning process. Professional tanning lotions are bio-engineered to speed up the tanning process,