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Q: Do Your Spray Tans Turn You Orange?

A: Absolutely no, our bodies PH balance is what turns us orange (not the self-tanner or spray tan itself.) With our custom airbrushes we use a 3 step process; First we spray you with a PH balancing spray which balances out your bodies PH levels so you don’t turn orange. Second is the spray solution itself and last a hydro-firm spray to hold and lock the spray tanso you have a great¬† sun tan look when out in the city!

September 5, 2014


One response to “Q: Do Your Spray Tans Turn You Orange?”

  1. Mia Wilson says:

    This is the best and only place to go in Omaha for a great natural looking spray tan. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend doing the custom spray. Everybody that works in the shop is super nice and will make you feel comfortable.

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